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Started the "Free Wiper" Campaign

We just started the Free Wipers for bloggers program. We needing to get the word out about

We really do have great wipers, great prices and easy to use website and instructions and we want the world to know about it. So if you know of anyone who runs a blog. Really any kind of blog it doesn't have to do with cars. That's the great thing about this site EVERYBODY who drives a car can benefit from new wipers.

So the type of blogs were looking for are:

  • Teachers Blogs
  • Police Blogs
  • Homeschool Blogs
  • Star Wars Blogs
  • Soccer Blogs
  • Tech Blogs
  • Knitting Blogs
  • Cat Blogs
  • Makeup Blogs
  • Schools or Alumni Blogs
  • I think you get the point Blogs
  • Really ANY Blogs

Click here if you're interested.


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