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Friday, January 29, 2016

Today WiperBladesUSA.com received it first kudos moment from one of our customers. You can see it here on our WiperBladesUSA Blog under the Comments section.

What a blessing that is! By nature I'm someone who just expects excellent service. So that is what we strive to provide to our customers. If there is ever a problem with a website or service I try and help out the store by commenting or emailing so they can rise to the occasion and be a better business, if they so choose. But this can come across as complaining or nagging. So be it.

But rarely do I, voluntarily, give positive comments unless it's radically outstanding service or product.

So I'm blown away by this comment. So for that I say "Thank You" to my customer in Danville, California.  You sir are an exceptional human being in my book.


- Bill



p.s. I think you, my friend, have just raised the bar for me to strive towards. Thank you again.

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