Step-by-Step Wiper Blade Changing Instructions

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Adding on to our success of providing you the best Trico wipers.

We are now providing you the best wiper blade changing instructions on the web.

Now you can quickly and easily see just how simple it is to change your own wipers.

We received many visitor comments stating that the main reason they're nervous to purchase wipers is that they didn't know how to install them...or they were afraid they would fall off.

So we put our heads together and came up with step-by-step instructions of

  1. What wipers to purchase
  2. How to prepare your car for the installation
  3. How to remove your old wipers
  4. How to install your new wipers

This is a great skill to have so that you're never caught in the rain unprepared! Every year will remind to purchase new wipers and now provide you with the confidence to install them correctly.  Save money, save time, and new wipers can certainly save your life. Now that's peace of mind.  Drive Clear.


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