About Us

WiperBladesUSA.com is a family business that has been providing top quality wiper blades to the US since 2015.  

We are committed to making it easy to keep you and your family safer with quality wiper blades on all of your family's vehicles.

We're just like you. We try to be responsible. Wanting to keep all of our cars in tip-top shape so we'll be ready for anything that gets thrown at us on the road.

  • We buy the safest cars we can
  • We keep all the lights and blinkers working
  • We keep gas in the tank
  • We change the oil regularly
  • We make sure our tire pressure is proper
  • And we are secretly thankful for "check engine" lights. (Because we don't have time to learn about every system in our car) But don't want to be stuck on the side of the road with a broken car.

But the one thing that always eluded us was to remember to get those wipers replaced!

They're always not a concern until it starts raining again...

  • Then we're too busy to find an open automotive store
  • Run in the rain
  • Find the wipers section
  • Look up your car make/model/year in the book
  • Try and understand the various codes
  • Then determine which brand/style/pricepoint is right for you
  • Pay too much and THEN try to put new wipers on in the rain.

Honestly it's just easier to "hope" the rain stops soon. And "hope" it's not a down pour. And "hope" they don't get worse because they really are getting kind of dangerous to see through.

There had to be a better way.  There wasn't so we made one. WiperBladesUSA.com

Top quailty wipers shipped free to your door. With instructions and customer service and at a fantastic price. 

We're even working on a referral program that will allow you to easily earn free wipers just by telling a few friends about us.






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