Wiper Blade Chatter Noise

New Wiper Blade's chatter when...

Your windshield has been treated with something like a Rain-X, Aquapel, AquaWax or some other (household) window cleaner or glass sealant, that has wax or compounds with waxlike properties for "Shine", "Smudgeproofing", or "Sealing".
The wax, which is made to "shine" a window or "repel" water actually tends to "grab" new wiper rubber in situations where there is not enough water for the blade to "glide" over the surface of the windshield.
****NOTICE**** I said "glide" over the surface as opposed to wipe the surface clean.  These blades are designed to WIPE the glass surface free of water and whatever down to the glass. But if the surface contains wax and other compounds designed to "stay" or "adhere" to the windshield surface it's actually going to be a battle between the waxy compound and the rubber wiper blade. Thus the chatter.
Windshields should be washed with actual windshield washer fluid. No waxes, no ammonia, no "polishes", etc. Plain water should not be used due to cool temperatures can quickly freeze up your windshield washer system from wind chill.  Windshield washer fluids have various levels of antifreeze built in that should prevent your windshield washer system from freezing.
If you have used something on your windshield, like Rain-X or whatever. I would suggest washing your windshield with a warm Dawn dishsoap mix. Just a few drops in a gallon of warm water. (be careful not to get it on your paint) 2 or 3 times. And clean rinse with water and a squeegee.  That should remove any buildup.
If your windshield is dull and you miss the shine of a new car (windshields to get micro-pits which make it seem dull or even dangerous when the setting sun hits it right), you can get your windshield polished using a Windshield Glass Polish Kit (Amazon). Afterward be sure to wash the windshield again with 3x-4x with warm Dawn to be sure they do not leave wax or polish on the glass.
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