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WiperBladesUSA is expanding our service!

WiperBladesUSA has procured a new shipping warehouse on the East Coast. 

This North Carolina warehouse location will allow us to ship even faster to our valued customers East of the Mississippi!

We are setting it up this summer 2021 to be ready to begin shipping bi-coastal in Sept 2021.

We here at WiperBladesUSA are very excited to impress you folks with even faster delivery service.


Stay tuned!


Now we've gone and done it. RAIN-X has just added Rain-X® brand wipers to the WiperBladesUSA's family of trusted top quality wipers that are guaranteed to fit your vehicle.

Look for the Yellow Rain-X tabs on the car pages.

Rain-X offers some great quality wipers that really fills in some of the car coverage gaps that we had. Additionaly Rain-X offers a new type of beam wiper blade, the Latitude® with Water Repellency. This is a top quality beam blade all weather wiper that has the famous Rain-X water beading technology built in to it.  To keep water beading off your windshield and it prolongs the life of the blade rubber as it acts as a type of lubicant on the windshield.

We're very excited about our new family members joining WiperBladesUSA. And as always we have step-by-step instructions for every wiper set we sell.  And they're guaranteed to fit if you follow the directions and video.

Stay safe my friends and drive clear.



Wiper Blade Changing Instructions!

Today we've added the, long awaited, step-by-step, car specific wiper blade changing/installation instructions.

Since we specialize in providing the exact best wiper blades for you and your specific car we, obviously, needed to specialize in helping you understand what it takes to change the wipers on your specific MAKE MODEL and YEAR of car.  (In some cases even the submodel and body type). 

And as car models get redesigned different wiper sizes and even different wiper attachtypes change too.  

We've got you covered there.  Step-by-step instructions for everyone from the gear-head to the newbie driver can change wiper blades. We've even included videos if all the steps and images are too much for you.

So go ahead, don't worry, you can do it with WiperBladesUSA at your side. Keep good rubber on those windshields because you know you have to be able to see down the road.



This is just the beginning

WiperBladesUSA has been years in the making.  And we're very excited to be launching this store.

We have many plans in mind for WiperBladesUSA.  Ordering the best most exact wipers for your vehical at great prices is just the beginning.

In the near future we will be providing many great additions to the site.


Thank you for your visit.

"Hey you need some wipers right...I know a great place to get them.  Free Delivery-Great Blades-Great Prices."



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