Dealers & Mechanics

We hear it all the time! Seriously like 3 times a day.

"The dealer/mechanic says they don't fit"

Please don't buy our products if you are going to take them to a dealer or mechanic. 

Don't get me wrong. Trico wiper blades are the most popular blade in the USA. Trico is used on more brand new cars than any other wiper blade because they are very good quality wiper. 

Dealers and mechanics know that wiper blades are huge markup opportunities. They make big bucks selling their off brand wipers for 3-8 x cost. I'm not saying they're horrible or even bad business people. They're just trying to make a buck. And since they can't charge you the minimum hourly service rate for the 2 minutes it takes to install YOUR wipers they make that money up by selling you their highly marked up wipers. It's just good business.

WiperBladesUSA sells you great wipers with free shipping. We buy more wipers in a month from one manufacturer that any mechanic or dealer does in a year. So we get huge volume discounts on fantastic wipers. And yes we have a tiny markup to cover our small warehouse and shipping costs and a bit of a profit but we specialize in wipers so we sell tens of thousands of wipers a year so we make it up in volume and efficiency. 

Our passion is making it easy for you to drive clear and save you money. That's why we provide step-by-step instructions (with video) so that YOU the customer can install your own wipers. 

If you have no intention of installing them yourself....

or having a spouse or friend do it. Then please do not buy wiper blades from us. We highly recommend that you go to your dealer and ask them to install a set of theirs for you. Please drive safe. You need new wipers every 12 months. Please.


Because we guarantee them to fit
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