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How to Change Trico 2008 BMW 525i Wiper Blades

Always check your vehicle's owner's manual for specific instructions on changing your wiper blades before removing/installing your wiper blades.
  1. Buy your new Trico® Force Premium Beam Blade wipers

    • Great all-weather premium beam wipers from Trico® The Leader in Wiper Blade Technology.
    • Beam blades from Trico® are a sleek low-profile styled "Memory Curved Steel®" beam covered in rubber and plastic to keep out rain, ice and debris. That means there are no frozen wiper joints to cause uneven wiping and streaking.
    • Trico® Force has additional air foils to keep the blades stuck to the windows at higher speeds and No lifting in high winds.
    • Just smooth consistently safe windshield wiping for your BMW 525i
    • Buy your Trico® Force Premium Beam Blade wipers for your 2008 BMW 525i $24.99 ea.

  2. Prepare your BMW 525i for an easier wiper change

    Turn ON your wipers then turn off your BMW 525i when the wipers are at their mid-way point on your windshield

  3. Lift your wipers up from the windshield

    With your wipers stopped midway on your windshield it should be easy to lift your wipers up and away from your windshield.
    Your old wipers should stick out, away, from your windshield. Now allowing for easy access during the rest of the changing process.

  4. Before you remove old wiper blades

    Be sure to take note of which new blade length goes on which side.
    Measure or just compare old blade length to the new Trico® wiper blades.
    Then place the new blades on the correct side.

  5. Remove old wiper blades

    Your 2008 BMW 525i has a pinch tab attachment for the windshield wipers to connect with.

    Different wiper manufacturers use different style attachments for the pinch tab.
    Look for a button or a latch to lift and slide off the old wiper blade.

  6. Remove plastic protector

    Before installation, of the new wiper blade, slide off the plastic protector from the blade rubber.

  7. Connect the new Trico® Force Premium Beam Blade wipers

    With this arm type it is necessary to remove the preattached adapter on the wiper blade and replace it as follows with adapter BC.
    1. Identitfy release tab for the preattached adapter.
    They say "PRESS" and are located at the back of the adapter

    2. Pinch the tabs at the back of the adapter.
    Then rotate it up to a 35 degree angle.

    3. Lift the adapter until it disengages it from the blade.
    Discard it.

    4. Locate adapter "BC" (It will have a C on it)
    Rotate it to a 35 degree angle
    Lower it down to the pin.

    5. Press down until it CLICKS/LOCKS IN PLACE.
    Adapter B/C must lock on the to blade before you move on to the next step

    6. With your thumb press VERY FIRMLY down on the front of adapter B.....

    7. ALSO Lift shim (C) off the adaptor (B). Discard.

    8. Hold your thumb firmly on the front of the adaptor, raising the back end up.
    9. Align the side arm tabs with the side tabs on the back end of the adaptor, and raise the blade in to the underside of the arm.

    10. Both the front tab and the Rear tabs must be snapped into place.
    11. Then rotate the blade UP until the tip of the arm locks underneath the adaptor tab.

    12. The adaptor must lock onto the arm where indicated.

    13. Remember to REMOVE the plastic Rubber protector before use

  8. Check all connections...

    Double check that wiper blades and adapters are locked on to the wiper arms.

  9. Lower wipers back down to their functional positions.

    Carefully lower your new wipers down to your windshield. Discard old wipers and packaging material.

Congratulations! You just installed new Trico® Force Premium Beam Blade wipers on your 2008 BMW 525i!

Having Trouble?

If you have a different AttachType than what we have listed please select the wiper arm type that best matches your vehicle:

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